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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Here is the thing...

Ok, I've been absent from Blog-world. Well, at least the contributor side of it - I've been reading all your entries whenever I caught a break. Like this afternoon. I left work early as I'm sick as a dog: awful head-cold,  high temperature... grrrrr......

Never mind, that's not what I wanted to say.

I feel I have to give some explanations to all my lovely followers on why I've been a non-contributor since May/June (?).

It's my new job.
Yeah, lame excuse I know, but... previously I could do my work-tasks very well, I could arrange my schedule all right and still I had time to read your entries and make some of mine (at least a draft) in lunchtime at the office.That's not an option any more - at my new job web is strictly limited and monitored. I do not have the chance, neither the time to read/write. And when I come home - well, let me put it this way: I hardly switch on my laptop at all. Maybe once or  twice a month... Seriously. I only get online when I have to shop for something or a pay a bill online. That's it. I live on my iPhone (anyone knows an app I can use to blog with? Let me know please.) - MFP, weight log, emails: I only access them from the phone.

But let me tell you something else: exactly since the same time (May/June) I'm maintaining between 170-172 lbs. This means I haven't reached my ultimate target of 150 lbs at my target date of 29 May 2012. Nope. I'm a failure. Hahh, not really - at least not according to my new doc. He told me I'm a model patient. And I'm so proud of that. (I will write another entry about my experiences about finding after care in a different country from where I had my surgery - might help someone.)

I've been also reading. A lot. All kinds. Well, not as much as I'd like to read as my main reading time was my  two hours daily commute to work and back. Now I'm driving to work in under 20 minutes one way... So God bless the podcasts! But this change in my daily routine severely cut down on my reading time. I'd like to read every evening and mostly all weekends, but still: my pile of unread books are growing as my compulsion to buy every book I'm interested in hasn't stopped or slowed down according to the decrease in my reading time. So I'm perpetually behind with my reading. None the less, I read a few really interesting books and I've been keeping a running log of topics I'd like to share with you. The first one is going to an "essay" about why I haven't lost since May and what is my plan to change that.

Essay - that reminds me: I started English language courses (Improve Your English and Business English) as my standard of writing is below par, according to my new employer. Well, as long as they pay for I don't mind: I'm all up for learning.

Here is a recent picci of my and Archie enjoying the rare English sunshine some weeks ago:

Wish me luck to find the time to deliver on my promises I made about future entries - I will certainly do my best.

Hugs all,

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trishajo said...

look how SKINNY you are!! love love!! :)