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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Scale withdrawal and new calories

I know I've been a bit quite lately, but that’s because I live in my little shell normally and it takes some real burning issues/comments to get off my chest, or some really clever point I think I'm making to get my fingers flying over the keyboard.

Little shell won hands down lately, hence the lack of entries. I’m aware that I should put more into this, that might be one of my New Year promises – I promise. (see: witty!)

There is however one major thing on WLS front I’m attempting to change: after much research, consultation with both dietary professionals and just very experienced privates, I’ve made the decision to up my daily calorie intake to 1400kcal (as a start). I’m doing this with the long term aim of reaching a healthy and balanced lifestyle, good fitness level and healthy weight – even if it will take a bit longer than it would have on my usual 1100kcal/day. I mean this next couple of weeks to be a trial period, and according to how will I be and feel at the end of it I will revise my plans.

I know all this should not be a major thing. Many of you told me that I shouldn’t change what was working – but that’s just it: in the last two weeks although I did the same things as before, I just didn’t lose any more weight. So, was this just a “plateau” or I pushed myself into the so called “starvation mode” where my body refused to yield any further.... The jury is still out. I nevertheless will give this new regime a go as I do not think I will be able to exist forever on 900-800kcal a day until the end of my life... I know this would take me closer to my goal weight faster, but that’s just 12 months – what about the 40-50 years following that? I’m a “big girl”: 176cm (5’9”) – I sort of see the point of those who told me I cannot possibly sustain myself with all my workouts on under 1000kcal a day.

Where they right? Only time will tell. However, I’m only two days in but already feeling a bit better in my head, as the obsessive pressure of making my mind up somewhat receded...

Also – how could I forget this – I’m giving up my scale for two weeks. I did not ask David to hide it yet, I’m sort of controlling that so far, but to truly evaluate if increasing my food works I have to lose (if only temporarily) my daily weigh-in habit. I weighed myself on Monday morning and will do so in two weeks time. No sneaky peaks in between – I have the strong feeling that would put me back on my good old regime straight away. I was told that some gain will be inevitable at the beginning, but I shouldn’t get disheartened as I’m doing this for the long term...

Well, let’s see shall we?

Not being devil’s advocate, but I sort of see myself going back on all the above in two weeks time and just carry on where I left it... That’s possible, I’m not saying it’s not. I just feel I have time on my hand to play around with various options and find what really suits me. I have 42lbs to go to my goal weight – that gives me certain wiggle room for experimenting. And anyway, Christmas is coming and with the sudden halt in my weight-loss I wouldn’t have made my Christmas target anyway, so this seems like a perfect time to loosen my strict reins a bit and listen to alternative opinions. Then from January I can decide which works better for moi.

Gosh, I feel better!

while researching scale pictures for this entry, I've found this photo:

Totally weird! It's like MY dog, on MY kitchen floor, laying next to MY scale... Really, it freaked me out - if  I wouldn't know better I might think Hubby started a blog on his weight loss journey... 


trisha said...

omg i SO thought that was your dog and your pic before i read on!! haha

please keep us updated as to how you're doing with your new calorie choice!

Krisz said...

Thanks. Hubby made a big detailed speech on why this in NOT our dog NOT in our kitchen and NOT my scale... all his observations were true, duly noted but completely pointless. Hahh. ;)