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Monday, 24 October 2011

At work...

Contrary to my earlier post today - I managed to concentrate on something at work.
((Work is being pretty slow lately. Which is good news if you are a facilities manager... it means things are working just fine...))
The facts that I did some effective research and learnt completely transferable skills in the process might make up for the other fact that my overall drive was not the slightest work related... Ho-humm...
I wanted to create a weight-loss forecasting spreadsheet.

This is how the chart looks (the picture quality does not do justice to the great work!):

Ohhh.. I do love my spreadsheets!!!

Now, according to the tireless elves working behind the scenes and crunching my numbers, I might not meet my Christmas target (it's showing slightly above 180 for that date - if you click on the picture it might open it up in bigger version), however, my ultimate target of getting down to 150lbs by 29/05/12 is completely do-able. That's great news!

Also, because I used a forecasting formula, if my pattern of weight loss changes with time, the forecasted weight will also re-calculate accordingly. Don't you just love it?!

If you are interested in the spreadsheet behind all this, just drop a comment or email me and I send you the original file.

Only 3 more hours to kill...

Happy Monday!

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