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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Venting furstration - and doggies

Just a pre-script, so you all know: I’m not generally a wimp or a whinger. But I feel the need to vent now.

I had the night from hell... My back is getting worse by the day – now I cannot pick things up comfortably and there are places I cannot properly wash in the shower (too much information?). But I decided earlier this week that will not hold me back from a good week.
However, I had an awful migraine creeping up on me during the night. And the irritating thing is, that around 1am I knew I should bloody go and get my headache pill and that would be the end of it; but every single time I tell myself – half asleep – that it’s not so bad and if I could just go back to sleep it will go away. Well, it did not go away. It never does. Why don’t I learn? Maybe because bed is still far too comfy to get out of in the middle of the night... Lazy b**ch.
Fast forward to 5am and my head is ready to explode with every single movement. Add that to the other issue, namely that I cannot really move because now my back hurts so much. You get the picture... I wished I could curl up and die between 5am and 7am. And although at 5am I actually went down to the kitchen and took my pill (which need to be cut up as it’s far too big for me to swallow), now it doesn’t make a dent in my headache. It also did not help that the scale was 0.6lbs up this morning... I suspect TOM, because I honestly did not have anything naughty in last couple of days. To eat I mean. All this in a neatly packaged in a rainy Wednesday morning, and I did not feel chipper much.

So there. Emailed my boss, told her I’m coming in a little late due to being dead. I dragged myself to the office, via a pharmacy where I loaded up with all kinds of things to put me back on track.
I must have looked so bad that my boss said I should have just stayed at home... That woman is always right.

Now I’m sitting at my desk, looking at a handful of chopped up pills (Ginseng, Q10, water retention tablets, calcium, multi vit...) and trying to keep my head off the desk.

But you know what: I still packed and carried my gym bag with me this morning. It is workout Wednesday, and I convinced myself that I might feel better by 5pm, so I can do some working out bad back and all. VERY ambitious! Old me would have avoided that gym stuff altogether and only concentrate on getting home and curl up on the sofa. So that’s a good thing I learnt about myself today. Yey!

About food: I made my first ever butternut squash soup yesterday. I don’t think I will ever make it again... Hubby put on a brave face and finished his portion. But the dog seemed to enjoy my leftovers immensely. I love my dog! Here it is... can you make him out from all the fur?

He used to look like this:

But then I got fed up with all the hair around the house, so took him for his first haircut:

Yeah, I know it was a bit too severe..., so ever since we have him “medium” long. His name is Archibald, and he’s a Tibetan terrier.

Well, in the very bottom of my heart he’s still not half as great as my Athos was – the Irish setter I got myself when I was 20 years old. He sadly passed away two years ago suffering from babesiosis (a parasitic infection spread by ticks). I still cry every time I see an Irish setter on telly or on the street.... Here is a close up of the greatest dog ever walked the face of Earth:

I digressed... It's probably because of the Solpadeine - it's say on the box: can cause addiction... My headache's nearly gone, though.

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Lap Band Gal said...

OMG, cute doggie! :)