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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My pressie

Oh, I forgot to mention:

Guess what I've got from David for Christmas??
Bless his listening skills: a Laxman Meditation Machine!

I wanted this baby for sooooo long now, but I never could justify the pricetag...
Now I can drift away in meditation any time I please. Cannot be happier!

Thanks Love! xoxoxoxox

P.s: I also "springified" my blog... I hope you like it fresh lemony feel of it. I know I do. x


trisha said...

ooooh i like the new blog look!!

i have never heard of this meditation mask machine thing! I must go research it! lol

Band Groupie said...

Ahhh...Spring (yucky snow just starting here). Love your blog, and what an amazing transformation in such a short time!!! I'm following ;-) -BG