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Monday, 9 January 2012

Books that helped me

Ok, I had a much longer entry with my reading list pre- and post-op in this entry.

However, at my last support group meeting two tomes were added to it and - if you like to expand your horizon about food related literature (NOT cookbooks) I'd like you to consider them:

Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink
subtitle: Why we eat more than we think - do you need any more info to get interested straight away??
Honestly, read it! This is one of the most entertaining and informative NON-diet books about how and what we eat I've ever read. You will be amazed! It's funny, it makes you think and it provides countless moments of "duhhh..." followed by vigorous forehead slapping.

The other gem is a bit more "hard core":
The Compassionate Mind Approach to Beating Overeating by Ken Goss
I'm still working my way through this slightly bulkier item (at Chapter 5 at time of writing), but I've already learned so much about the deeper motives and issues about overeating that even if the book ends now, I'll be a lot richer and enlightened. Can't wait to get even deeper into it - will report on any significant findings later.

Just a short quote here from the latter - not really weight-loss related. More "hubby related" - Dave, if you read this, please take head:
"The more we ease back from charging in and criticizing, which can sometimes be our immediate reaction to a problem or perceived failing, the greater the chances we have for reflection and thinking about how best to deal with it."

Have a lovely week all!

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