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Monday, 15 August 2011

My WLS reading list

I'm a huge fan of comprehensive research - especially when it comes to myself and my health.
So, in preparation to - and right after - my surgery I've collected a couple of WLS "pearls" from Amazon, and kept reading-reading-reading.
When you are reading books about the same topic week in week out, you notice that most of them are repeats and you already know what they are going to say under certain topics. Nonetheless, I kept reading them.

And then, the week following my surgery I re-read some of them.
Two of them I actually keep close on my extensive bookshelf: they provide daily support when I have questions.

Maybe someone will find this little list useful researching for an upcoming operation. I know that the knowledge helped me immensely! Although my surgeon is great and I can always call him, the hospital I've been at is a kind of "NHS-Hungary" - which means they do not really have a support program accompanying the surgery: they do their best when you are there (or if you ever have any complications) but other then the couple of days in the hospital you are on your own, making it work for yourself. I know this sounds crazy! I have two "surgery buddies" - to lovely gals who have been banded on the same day as me. We talked a lot and I was absolutely terrified how little they knew about living with the band on the day before surgery! Mind you, if I haven't read this collection of books and various blogs and other internet sources, I would have been in the  same situation. I found that scary, as I needed all the knowledge I can accumulate to feel safe and know I'm doing the right thing. They didn't just miss out on the support program form the hospital, but they do not have access to the same books either - because they don't speak English and these books haven't been translated and published in Hungarian.
Not so surprisingly, one of my doc's team member - a young doctor with great band related track record - actually left the team and the hospital to set up Hungary's first proper WLS support clinic. I totally understand why he decided so...

So now for the list:

  • The Lap-Band Solution (Paul O'Brien MD) - the must-have piece on any bandster's bookshelf!
  • The Emotional First Aid Kit - A Practical guide to life after bariatric surgery (Cynthia L. Alexander, PsyD) - I honestly believe this is one of the greatest help you can read regarding issues and solutions for emotional eating, changing circumstances, relationships after WLS, etc.. Great book!
  • Lap-Band for Life (Ariel Ortiz Lagardere MD FACS) - very detailed! Really great info and useful "Troubleshooting" guide at the back.
  • Gastric Band and Beyond (Mrs Sharon E Bates; Dr Simon J.W. Monkhouse) - my first band-book

The rest are much less band-specific, but I use them for recipes and other hints-and-tips:

  • Return to Slender (Carol Bowen Ball)
  • Weight-Loss Surgery Connection (Melissa Debin-Parish)
  • Okay.. I've gone through weight loss surgery NOW WHAT DO I DO? (Joanne M. Moff, PA-C)
  • Before & After (Susan Maria Leach) - I think this now classified as "classic"
  • Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies (Kurian, Thompson, Davidson) - helpful and easy to read
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery - The Psychological Journey (Ranesa McNally, LCSW-C)

And two really helpful book for the brave and/or spiritual amongst us:

  • Rethinking Thin (Gina Kolata) - more about this in another blog later: just finished reading it yesterday and I must collect and analyse my thoughts. It's a tough read for everyone who believes/hopes that the weight will just disappear and never come back.... Brace yourselves!
  • A Course in Weight Loss - 21spiritual lessons for surrender our weight forever (Marianne Williamson) - I'm still only on lesson 5... but I do want to complete it - if you have any kind of faith, this is a great help.

I know what you  think - this is just far too much read! But I'm a real bookie and I learn and gather information best by reading it. (and I'm also slightly obsessed with books... and buying them. Amazon could sponsor me...)

Ok,this is turning out a slightly boring blog unless you are a fellow bookie - sorry.

Here is something more interesting: First time in my life I watched Biggest Loser USA on Saturday. And I - first time ever - saw the BodyBugg. And I fell in love, head over heals, helplessly, blindly... Do you know what I'm talking about? Not? Then check out Ki Fit.
And then came the breakdown of promises: I know I had a new heart rate monitor "scheduled"as one of my awards (see this entry)- but honestly: how can any selfrespecting weight-loser live their life fully without this gadget? (I can hear you saying"very well, thanks", but that's not MY point!)
So, I had a heart-to-heart with myself and my bank account, and we made the executive decision to buy the kit now as an early "award" - it will help me track my calories in/out and so much more, will give me an ultimate tool to control my weight loss and I'll be happy as Larry - as I'm always when using a new gadget.(And I also lost over 20lbs since my surgery, so some kind of award is just!)
Hopefully it will  be delivered tomorrow (I ordered it just before 2pm) and I can start using it from Wednesday. I will give you regular updates on how it's shaping my journey: I have high hopes for the thing!

With love to all! Have a great week!

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trisha said...

LOVE LOVE my BodyBugg!!! Well, I have a BodyMedia Fit, same difference!