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Thursday, 25 August 2011

First milestone - CHECK!

It is not my "official" weigh in day (that's Monday) but being a scale-whore pays off sometimes:

As of this morning, I'm reached my first goal of getting under 210lbs!
What about that! I'm soooooo elated that I'm feeling like going back to the gym this evening and have another 2mile run just like yesterday! Onwards and downwards, readers! 
Ohhh - and I owe myself a massage too for this! I think I'll save it up for our holiday.

The next one is a bit of a thoughie: I have set goal to be under 195lbs by the end of September. It is going to be our first holiday since our honeymoon two years ago, and I would like to be at the weight I was back then. That means I have 15lbs to lose in 6 weeks, which equals 2.5lbs per week.
I know, I know: that is a bit over-ambitious! It's not enough that I know this fact in my head, but all my carefully designed target and goal estimating spreadsheets* are also telling me that I have the chance of the snowball in hell reaching that goal in time... Well, none the less I'll do my best. But I'm not going to commit hara-kiri if I fall short of that one. At the end of the day: it is OVER ambitious. (I definitely want to be under 200 by then, which is slightly more reasonable).

*= this reminded me: I must work on a post telling you more about all my beloved recording tools. Their number is high (around ten) but I love filling them out in various intervals (they all have their own rules and requirements). Yes, I've a slight OCD when it comes to details - especially gadget related ones.

But for now: let's celebrate my first mile stone!!! Well done me!

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