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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My WLS Goals - for 2011 and 2012

I believe the more I “advertise” my goals the more accountable I can keep myself. Because as soon as it becomes public domain I feel I wouldn't just let myself down not achieving them, but everyone else who knows them and believes I can do it. (Hey, are You rooting for me too? I always welcome positive thoughts through the ether)

I also set out my rewards list alongside my goals – it just feels much sweeter thinking about them. I’m also an impulsive online shopper, and firmly attaching these items to goals to be reached might (might...) keep me from buying them “prematurely”.

We know what well set goals should be: SMART!
In the usual management spiel:
·         Smart
·         Measurable
·         Adds value
·         Realistic
·         Time based

So here is my list freshly copied from my written journal:

Getting under 210 - DONE! 25/08/11
Anytime soon
90 minutes Swedish massage
Getting under 200 - Done! 26/09/11
sometime in September
2 new dresses (already picked them, but holding back buying them) Hell no! I'd be shrinking out of them too soon. I do a rain-check on this reward.
Getting under 195 - failed
By end of September (start of our holiday)
Some gorgeous silver jewellery from Egypt
Getting under 180
before Christmas ’11
Laxman meditation machine (this is my biggest driver!! I’ve been pining for this for nearly a year now! It would make a perfect Christmas present for little me...)
Finishing Couch to 5K - Done! 27/09/11
October ‘11
New Polar heart rate monitor (Ft40F in white)
I've got myself a Body Bug - much better option!

Ultimate goal:
Getting under 150 – by end of May ’12 (our 3rd wedding anniversary) – going back to our honeymoon hotel in Bali (http://www.alilahotels.com/ubud) Now if that doesn’t keep me on track, what will?? Look at that infinity pool!!!!

 Well, of course along the way there are also less obvious (duhh...) but maybe more important rewards: losing hypertension, losing ankle pain, losing knee pain, losing fat... but you all know that, don’t you? J

What are your goals? What they have been a month after your op? Have you achieved them? What kept you motivated? 

(would be nice to see a comment or two... it feels like I'm writing for myself only... pity party - pity party... Never mind.)

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trisha said...


I would love love to go to Bali.. one day, maybe. WHO am I kidding! LOL