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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Do you do your bit? REALLY?

This is my favourite “horse” which I’m planning to flog to death all through this blog.

So, this is one of my favourite videos from Banded Wendy, and she cuts through the chase – it’s really worth watching:

Are you ready for the last chance?? ARE YOU??
Do you follow the ALL rules ALL the time (well, at least 90% of the time – I’m being lenient here)???
Do you exercise 210 minutes a week???
Have you turned your life over to WLS??

Or are you one of those for whom WLS “does not work”? Are you a Loser or a loser? Biiiiig difference!

I couldn’t help but notice how many more topics, threads, comments, etc are out there from people who honestly believe WLS (any form of it) does not work for them.*

But do THEY work FOR WLS?
Between you, me and the fencepost – I don’t think so! Honestly, there is NOOOOO way you will not lose weight if – for example – you have a band and follow the basic rules of 1200Kcal per day max, 30 min exercise per day, no slider foods, healthy food choices, 1.5 dl/portion, no snacking, no sugary drinks, chew-chew-chew.
I mean, if any other people (meaning not WLS patient) would follow these rules they will lose weight for sure! And you have the advantage of not feeling so hungry in between meals...

So I’m putting my cards here on the table – tearing my shirt up for the firing squad: if you believe your band (our RNY, or sleeve, or anything) is not working as it should you better take an honest look in the mirror, dig a bit deeper and have another read of the rule book, because I’m pretty sure the fault is in  you: your actions (or lack of it) and/or food choices and not in your surgery!
There, I said it! You can shoot me now!

Before you tear me up into bits, I have a confession: I’m not perfect either. I do sometimes eat something naughty (it happens when I visit my family at Hungary... mostly) and regret it later. But I’m doing my very best to make sure that 90% of the time I’m absolutely playing by the rules. And I never blame my surgery when I hop on the scales and the figure is not going down... Because I know it was me – something I ate or did or didn’t do in the previous days. But this luckily does not happen often. Generally the scale is showing lower and lower figures each week. Even if it’s just 0.2lb – I take it: it’s a loss!

And today I give you another chance to tear my throat out: I’m sick – already... ha! – of hearing the whingeing of all the unsuccessful ones. You’ve been given a great, life altering chance – it’s yours for good to take all the benefits and milk it for life!!! Yes, they asked you to turn your life over to it and make RADICAL changes in lifestyle. But honestly – we were all obese, that’s why we got this chance. Our old lifestyle which made us obese. It’s just fair that they ask us to change that when they gave us our various tools! Nothing in life is free (not to mention costs...). So, if you are one of the losers: hello, what did you think? That you are going to wake up after surgery and the pounds will melt away without you doing anything for it? Well, think again! And it’s never too late to change! Even if you had your surgery years ago and now you are on the losers’ bench: you can still take charge and change to the Loser’s bench! It’s never, never too late to start a better life! Don’t give up on your surgery – it’s the same great tool you thought it was the day before your surgery! It’s there to help you. But you MUST do your bit! If you are unhappy with your results, recall the state of mind you had just before and right after your op – all the hopes and possibilities and goals – and make a conscious effort to live it again.
And stop blaming the tool!

*Please note: there are genuine cases when something happens to your health and you need a revision or further surgery. Mostly from band to something else. I understand that. That number is around 10-15% (according to various sources). I’m not talking about those cases here.

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