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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Exercise roadblocks - mindblocks

What are your “roadblocks” (or shall I call them mind-blocks?) when it comes to exercise? And how do you push yourself through them?

I’m doing a Couch to 5K  9 week programme, and apparently – says the expert – it is week 4 when most people give up on it. Guess where I'm at? 

Yep, week 4...

You supposed to do 3 sessions per week, and I did my first of w4 on Sunday. The second should have been yesterday (in honour of “put your sweat on Wednesdays”) but it did not happen. I was not feeling too well yesterday (really) and was also anxious to get home and set up my wonderfully clever Ki Fit. So I skipped my run. And I felt bad about it... So I told myself I’m doing it today. And the third, instead of Friday, I’ll do on Sunday. (I'll have a date with Sis to watch Inbetweeners movie - Can't wait!)

I want to get through this ominous week 4, because the fact that most people give up during this week is clearly playing on my mind to the extent of producing all kind of physical ailments to justify not doing it. But I don’t want to give in! I want to prove my mind wrong! I want to be able to proudly start week 5 next week and shove the statistics down anyone’s throat who doubted me – yours truly included. I need to beat my mind in this game, because I’m only at the beginning of the whole WLS game and I want to be on the Losers’ Bench for good! And these little tricks during my pre-WLS life were always proved to be stronger than little weak Thin Me inside my head. I’m on my way to empower Thin Me from now on! Brimstones to the road(mind)blocks!

Here is for you, Thin Me! Cheers! 

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