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Friday, 6 January 2012

Passing on - the scale issue

I've just responded to a forum entry on MFP (if you are on and we're not connected yet, come and look me up: Kriszti29). It is about weighing yourself. Because it's Friday afternoon, and I'm feeling a bit lazy, I'll copy here the original question and then my response. I wonder how many of you could agree or argue with my sentiment about this particular topic:

The original question:
I need to stop weighing myself multiple times a day, it's not the healthiest thing to do, I need to get to where I weigh myself one time a Week. 

But here is my problem: In my mind when I stop weighing myself I feel as though I'm "giving" up on my weight loss, that weighing myself equates trying to lose weight. Even if I eat good, and exercise an hour or so most days, I still feel that way. 

Any Ideas how to cut myself off from the scale for a week?

My answer:
I completely understand the sentiment of trying to cut down on weigh ins... It is so much more reasonable to weigh yourself just once a week on the same day, every week. That is a very grown up and sensible approach. BUT... 

When I was on various weight management programmes/clubs and I had to report my weight once a week I used to put myself under terrible stress and worry every time the weigh-in day came around. How did a do all week? Did I do enough? Did I go to the loo? Shall I do something about that, so my weigh-in will show a better result? And so on and so forth... It was really killing me every Tuesday and Wednesday (Wednesday was my weigh in date, around midday) to the extent when I got hooked on laxatives and severely restricting my water intake just before the weigh-in... That was the cautionary tale. 

Now, I weigh myself every day. Sometimes twice (morning and evening). I'm a card carrying member of the Scale Whores Association. glasses 

I know that it does not make sense, as my weigh fluctuates very severely all week and all day. And I still only record my "official" weight once a week. 

However, what daily weighing did to me is make me familiar and friendly with the scale. It took away the scariness and high expectations once a week. As I know that my daily weight will depend on so many things (water intake, potty issues, food I've eaten, etc.) now if I see a gain or a higher figure than expected I do not get shattered or freaked out any longer. It made me accept the fact that losing weight is a long term challenge and commitment. I'm not scared of the scale any more. I've befriended the Scale Monster. It's ok that tomorrow I'll be 0.5lb more than I was today, because I ate half a chicken (just an example, I didn't - if you go checking on my food diary) but didn't do #2... 
Not to mention that it serves as a daily and constant reminder of what I'm supposed to do and why I'm doing it. 

It was just as scary for me getting used to the daily weigh ins as it is for you to try to get rid of the scale. 

Sorry about the long rant, I just feel really strongly about this as it helped me a very big anxiety problem. So if you think you might be prone to the same kind of behaviour - just keep in mind that getting rid of your scale might not help you that much.

But check out the forum, if you wish - here.

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