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Friday, 2 September 2011

The cruellest task

I'm in charge organising our team build day at work in three weeks time. Of course we are going to have the obligatory team building exercises in teams, and my boss wants to reward the winning team with a cake.
Guess who’s been tasked with finding the appropriate cake (must be either bee-themed or sport ducks and cows... don’t ask...) on the web? 

Yepp – you guessed right: little me!

It is just plain cruel – it’s like sending the alcoholic to get the booze for a party.
I’ve been looking at all kind of cake websites all afternoon – my head is spinning and I desperately want a cake! I made an attempt to satisfy my craving with an Atkins bar. It worked so far, but the day hasn’t ended yet... I’m looking forward to my 25 minutes run in an hour time.*

Have a great weekend!

*= I forgot my sports bra at home this morning, I’ll be running in proper dressy-uppy bra... I feel like giving up and going home, but I promised myself I’ll give it a try. If I “jingle” too much I gave myself permission to skip and re-try next time.

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