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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Random thoughts...

I run 2.2 miles this morning. That’s 3.6km in continental money. My primary school PE teachers would be proud of me. It’s their fault I find running such an abhorring exercise and had never done it before (since left school). They were awful! The other night sis and me were reminiscing about the “good old times” and recounted horror stories from PE class when we were between 6 and 14 years old (that’s primary school age in Hungary). If any of those stories would happen in England today those teachers would find themselves in front of law court very swiftly... None the less, we survived. And in mere 20 years we are both running again. All wounds heal with time, it seems.

Yesterday I experienced my first “very tight” day with my band. I’ve got suspicious when even my morning drink did not want to go down straight away – it was just sitting in my pouch, barely trickling. Water, if you ask, not anything dense... For lunch I tried a boiled egg with humus. No problem ever before. Well, yesterday I was sitting on the sofa, seriously struggling with two bites of egg, not letting them come back.

After my lunchtime mishap, I was thinking about the reasons why I did feel that tight all day (it carried on into the night – even my late night chai latte did not want to go down smoothly). I recall an article I read on the web sometime about why some day we feel tighter than on others. They named stress as the main culprit, but I had a very relaxed day, so it could not be that. They also mentioned the hormonal changes in women around that Time Of the Month – you body starts withholding water and that affects your insides too: it’s not just your ankles or fingers getting chunkier, but other tissues like stomach lining too. That can cause this occasional tightness. Also, they said something about the material of the band being osmotic (or something like that) and reacting to the excess water in you by absorbing some... that is just weird! They say if you go in for adjustment on one of these tight days, your doctor might find more fluid in your band than what he put in there... (edit after publishing: here is the article: click) That made me a bit worried, as my next adjustment is on Monday, and if my body keep withholding water, my doc might not be willing to put any more liquid in my band (Heavens forgive if he finds some more in there...). Anywho, we cross that bridge when we come to it. I can try to rugby-tackle him (he’s much shorter than me) and hold him down until he agrees to a fill... mind you I have to count with the radiology doc as well... Hmm.

I know I need my second adjustment, because I get hungry faster after eating my meals and I’m focusing much more on food than I should. I do not eat more – as I’m carefully measuring every meal, but I know what I eat does not make me satiated for as long as it used to.

I did make donuts yesterday – Chocolate Protein Mini Donuts as per Shelly. First time since I bought it I used my electric mini donut baker machine. Good thing I did not get rid of it... Each donut (15 from the recipe) got 77kcal in it, and they are yummy!!! I also brought my first lunchbox to work – inspiration also from Shelly (please do yourself a favour and check out her website: it’s amazing!)
Here is a picture of it. I probably will not eat all of that... I skipped breakfast and thought I will have the boiled egg when I come to work (after my run), but did not want it really. I might have two of the ham rolls, and the mascarpone filled strawberries for snack. Will see how it goes – I still had some issues this morning with tightness.

That’s all folks – have a great weekend! I’m back next week with the story of my second fill...

(I'm planning an entry introducing "Thin Me"... that's going to be interesting... ;) )

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