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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Something for the weekend (beware of the photos!)

Most of my tomatoes rotted out with all the lovely looking green fruits on them... Very devastating  news to start the weekend...

Never mind, that's not my main point. I hate my picture taken with a passion. It's because I look c..p on photos- I do not photograph well, with the exception of our wedding photos, but that was more down to the fantastic photographers than me... However, I took the advice very seriously about taking regular pictures to be able to compare and monitor my progress. I'm sure it will all make sense at the end. I'm not so sure about just now. But as I've had my surgery 3 months ago yesterday, I thought it's time to create some comparison montages. I hope you'll forgive me.

So to recap:
Day of banding:23 June 2011
Pre-op Diet started: 13 June 2011;
Starting weight: 234.6lbs
Current weight: 201.2lbs
Loss: 33.4lbs

    13 June                        27 July                         24 August                   23 September

These are not those shockingly breathtaking transformation pictures you can normally see about WLS patients, but if I look VERY closely there are visible little differences.

And a very important disclaimer: all these pictures were taken by hubby at around 7am in the mornings... hence the awful hairdos and vague expression on face.

Again, I hope you'll forgive me - especially if you've been reading my blog in your lunchtime or during breakfast.

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