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Monday, 19 September 2011

Papaya Enzyme saved my dignity

I had my first meeting with food involved since my op.

I picked up a tiny piece of baguette (about 1/16 of a normal size) with some cheese in it. I had some little bites, but - probably due to my focus being on the conversation and NOT on my chewing action - I got well and thoroughly stuck. Like never before!
It is (was) scary! I did feel my restriction before, or had the "golf ball" feeling above my band, but it always went away after a couple (or 10) minutes.
Not this time. After walking out of the meeting-room I tried pacing around the office, but did not help. Went to the wash-room, contemplated a little more and then gave in to my first PB event... It was just a bite or two coming back. I felt a bit better, but was not over it.
I was desperately trying to figure what to do - I did not want to force any more puking action.
I remembered the papaya enzyme I'm carrying in my bag - so I chew 3 little tablets. And like a magic wand: it took the bad feeling away! Wow! Talking of fast action!
So I'm not a PB virgin any more...

And the lesson learned? Well, no more meeting food for this lady - EVER! Not even a small bite.

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Christine said...

Wow! Your first PB episode is kind of a rite of passage in this community. Congrats, I guess, in some weird way! Welcome to the club! :-)