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Monday, 19 September 2011

Support group - how much support you can get/expect?

Do you go to a local support group?

As someone, who had surgery in a different country from where I live my daily life, finding a local support group was a really important part of my pre-op research. I felt I will be needing fact to face contact with people who’s going through the same thing, I was looking forward to sharing our experiences, successes (or occasional failures) helping each other along the way.

I’ve found a local support group in London, and I attended the last two meetings.
However, this group does not seem to – or haven’t yet done so – offer much of a support. I’m definitely walking out of the meetings feeling really geared up to show people that “yes, you CAN be successful”, but I do not necessary think this is the only support my local group could give to its members.

How does your support group works? What happens at the meetings? Can anyone send me a couple of ideas we might implement to turn a 2 hours whingeing session into an actual supportive meeting?
I would love to pick up some ideas to help me and others get the best out of this great opportunity.

Thank you all in advance. 

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