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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

(Scale)Horror of (scale)horrors!!

Hmm.. reality hit home this morning... and scale monster attacked with all his might! I'm being eaten, chewed and spit out by it.
Saturday morning I finally become overweight! What an achievement! I mean, I've been obese for coon's age and now I'm officially ONLY overweight! Can I have a round of applause, please?
(I had one little round from hubby - he wasn't as enthusiastic at first as I would have loved him to be, but taking the fact that I hopped on the scale at 6am on Saturday morning and then flew over the bed and bounced on him announcing the news, I think I forgive him) .


I flew to Budapest on Saturday evening: my second fill and some eye tests were scheduled for Monday. I do not fly well... Well, I do, but I suffer from Compulsive Airport Eating Syndrome. It does not mean that I eat the airport, but that I simply MUST eat  when I'm at the airport... It's one of my weak links: and I'm getting better at it, but this time half a bag of Jelly Babies deterred me from my good intentions.
That doesn't seem to be too much, but then my other weak link struck: being at Mum's place. That means eating unreasonably to the point of feeling utterly full and sick. You even think about your next meal while you are eating the current one... It's insane. I've been better since my op, but I still managed to sneak in a couple of strudels and sweet pepper stew and two apple mojitos with best friend Kathy on Sunday.

Of course I quickly back pedalled on Monday: it's fluid for me for three days after the adjustment (I'll write about that next). But true form to myself when at Hungary, I considered chocolate to be liquid twice since Monday (it melts in your mouth, so technically it is chocolate by the time it hits my stomach).

There, you have it: I've undone all the lovely work I did last week, and scale monster reminded my harshly this morning: I'm up 5.8lbs... Since Saturday morning. 4 days! That's over 1.45lb per day! I haven't even eaten that much in volume! But I ate crap - and this is the result.
If you are interested in the details, I can tell you I kept my calorie count up, and I haven't consumed more than 1800Kcal per day. Taking that all the calculators are telling me that for my height and weight I should eat 2200Kcal (to maintain), 1800 is still a deficit. But lately I'm living on 700-1000Kcal per day, so there you have it... Not to mention there were no physical activities involved, apart from lifting my hands to my mouth all weekend. Well deserved punishment!

Unfortunately this means I'm not going to hit my target of 195lbs by end of September... That's a big downer, but I try to be grown up about it and will not start a hissy-fit right now: my failure is my own making. I think I've learned an important lesson: no matter where I travel, the calorie in-out rules are the same so I must keep up my routine no matter what.

Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday! 


Christine said...

Are you sure the weight gain isn't airport bloat? Bloat from flying, from the air pressure, from the salty foods there? Drink lots of water--I bet you can flush half that weight away.

Krisz said...

Hi Christine
What you say fits right in: flying, salty food and not drinking enough. Top that with my upcoming TOM and I might be able to look at this gain with some dignity (as opposed to freaking out and/or throwing hissy fits...)
To make things even worse, Thursday morning Scale Monster showed an additional 2.4lbs gain... That is freakin' 8.2lbs in 5 days!!! I ate bad, yes, but NOT THAT BAD! :(
Anyhow - I calmed myself down, ran twice 2.5 miles and did an hour zumba - so this morning I was back on the losing track. I still need to wrap my head around and accept these "slips", but I'm really greatful that I won't fly to Mum again until January.
Kindest, Krisz

p.s.: a million THANK YOU-s for posting the first ever comment on my blog! It really made my day! :)