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Monday, 14 November 2011

Checking in

Just a quick note: I've been struck down by tonsillitis AND shingles. What a wonderful and upbeat combination! They made my weekend! (not)

My throat kills me with every swallow I attempt, and shingle sores do not like to be rubbed by Lycra, but I still managed to put in 3k on Sunday around Ruislip Lido - while Hubby walked the doggy. The fact that they did not overtake me walking while I was jogging is a massive achievement in my books. I'm a slow - SLOW - runner.

I will post the Friday-Sunday eating figures later as I intend to make good on my promise of week of accountability. But just to ease the international suspense regarding the weigthloss: although I ran on Friday previous the steak night and Sunday, did my best to eat sensibly all weekend (which seems to be my weakest link), and only slightly went over my calorie limit on Friday and Sunday,my weight went slightly up on Saturday and Sunday morning - but the scale was showing an all-time (looooong time) lowest figure this morning: 193.2! Yey for that!

This was my lowest weight at Christmas 2007, and the smallest David has ever seen me. So as far as he's concerned, every pound lost from now in a bonus. Cannot help but love that point of view!

Ok, back to my painkillers now... 

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