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Friday, 11 November 2011

Week of Public Accountability - Day 4

My food:
Breakfast (107 kcal) – 9am – Chai latte with coconut milk
Lunch (266 kcal) – 1.30pm – Fresh salad with (10ml) thousand island dressing and Tapas bits with houmous (I know I’m eating the same all week, but it’s too nice to throw away...)
PM Snack (295 kcal) – in 3 stages, just like yesterday between 3pm and 7.30pm – Atkins Chocolate Coconut bar, portion of Just the Cheese, Lucozade lite

Dinner (211 kcal) – 8.30pm – Other half of the thai fishcake, bean sprouts and half a cupful of David’s vegetable curry

Total food intake: 879 kcal

My numbers:
Total calorie burned: 2693 kcal
Number of steps taken: 12644
Activity: 40 min Azucar (360 kcal - like Zumba, but without the “badge”)

Onwards to Friday - and steak night... I'm trying to save calories on snacks today, so I can enjoy the steak I'm going to cook tonight (with low fat creamed spinach and oven baked fires, maybe...)

Another good news: scale was down 2 lbs since yesterday morning. How about that?! I really-really-really do not want to ruin this midweek progress over the weekend. 
So, before steak night commences I'll do one more 5K run, and I'm planning a Zumba session for Sunday so I do not turn into a complete couch potato for the weekend. 
Or - but this have so many ifs and buts, that it might just be a distant plan - if weather is nice on Sunday (here in England that's never a given, not even at summer) I might persuade David to take the dog over to Rusilip Lido, and while he's walking around the lake with doggy, I can do a spot of jogging. That would be lovely.

Big hugs for all - and have a great weekend!

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Christine said...

Hi kriztina! Sounds like you had a really good eating week. Overall, you made healthy choices and it paid off on the scale for you! 2 pounds lost is terrific! Congrats to you!!!