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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Week of Public Accountability – Day 2

I exhibited some erratic behaviour about my food choices yesterday... I felt a little bit deprived after Monday’s scarcity and the pound loss showing on the scale Tuesday morning also influenced me – not in a good way. I'm afraid I'm one of those people who battle really hard with food to make good choices, but when they do they reward themselves with – guess what? – FOOD. How stupid is that? I need to work on breaking this cycle. It proved to be my downfall every time after a certain period on any successful diet: after losing a lot I started thinking “oh, it’s okay to eat (..fill in whatever bad choice you can think of..) this one time; you've been working so hard and good lately, you deserve this treat!”. And it always ended up with me gaining back all what I lost with interest. Why do I do this????

So, as you will see, there were some less than stellar choices on my plate – and they all appeared following the display of the above mentioned destructive behaviour.

On a more positive note: I still managed to eat under my daily allowance (1029 kcal) and did an hour walking in my lunch break. Also, Scale God was forgiving this morning, showing 0.6lb loss which I’m very grateful for looking at the pictures down here:

My food:
Breakfast (132 kcal) – 7am – Total0% with homemade apple pie innards (SF)
AM Snack (211 kcal) – 11.30 am – portion of Just the Cheese and half a tossed salad
 (half of this salad)
Lunch (259 kcal) – 2.30pm – Tapas bits with half pot of low fat houmous and smoked cheese
PM Snack (118 kcal) – 4.30pm – 3 pieces of Chocolaty Micro Bites
Dinner (251 kcal) – 8.30pm – Tuna Insalatissime with Camembert and crostini

Total food intake: 971 kcal

My numbers:
Total calorie burned: 2778 kcal
Number of steps taken: 14248
Activity: 60 min walk


Lap Band Gal said...

Way to go with staying under your calorie allowances :)

trisha said...

you walk an INSANE amount throughout the day! do you walk to work and back or something?? Your 14k steps a day in itself are quite the fat burn I bet!

Krisz said...

I live 10 min from the tube station and my office is also 10 min from the other tube station. I also walk the dog 30 min in the morning. Apart from that I'm still a couch potato... :)
On a weekend day when I do not work out and do not go to work I'm firmly under 3000 steps a day.