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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Week of Public Accountability - Day 3 (revised)

Thanks again for everyone keeping an eye on me - it does really worked so far!

So not to waste time - in medias res...
My food:

Breakfast (121 kcal) – 7am – Chai Latte with coconut milk
Lunch (270 kcal) – 12.30pm – Tapas bits with houmous and smoked cheese
PM Snack (283 kcal) – (between 3.30pm and 7.30 in 3 stages) – 1: Total0% with strawberry and a plum; 2: portion of Just the Cheese; 3: Lucozade lite sports drink
Dinner (184 kcal) – 8.00pm – 1/2 Thai fish cake with stir fried veg and bean sprouts
After Dinner Snack: (9pm) – 2 pieces of Celebration*
Total food intake: 958 kcal

My numbers:
Total calorie burned: 3316 kcal
Number of steps taken: 20958
Activity: 5K run (610 kcal – included above) +extra dog walking duties

*: I have to have a hear-to-hear with Hubby again. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a list for him about what he is always welcome to do/say and should never do/say to support me in my WLS journey. I understand his need to buy certain foods I'd rather not have in the house (like ice cream and cookies) but they do not bother me much when I just focus a little, if I'm honest. However, despite my protestation, he bought a small bucket of Celebrations for the Halloween trick-or-treaters (miniature Mars, Galaxy, Bounty, etc bars). We did not have any trick-or-treaters this year.. so the box stayed unopened. Two days after Halloween I asked him to take the sweets to work with him, but he refused. He instead put the box up in his drinks cabinet (where he keeps all his Cokes and stuff - I do not really go in there). Now, one important point on the above mentioned list is that he cannot hide food from me - because it triggers my "defiance mode" and I go for them "just to show you that you cannot control me".
Yesterday night I was home alone, watching Downton Abbey and I thought about the Celebration box... I opened it and ate two pieces... I felt defeated; and even though I was still under my daily calorie limit I felt my control slipping very fast. I went to bed early. 
It was too late to bring this up with him when he came home, but I intend to ask him again to clear away the sweets from the house. It seems that no matter how much I try I cannot be trusted around them.**

**: I asked Beloved to read this entry - he took it to heart... and took the sweets to work. Not without grumbling, though.... He stated his right to have sweets in the house for his eating pleasure. We need to come up with some compromise here: I do not mind most of his treats as I do not like them (like cookies and ice cream, etc.) He can have all those, if he wishes... I hope he'll understand.
He also asked me to let you all know: he actually surfaced from his coma this morning and cheered me when I stepped on the scale. Way to go, Hun! I love you!

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