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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I’ve lost my spiel... Anyone found it? Please return the bloody thing, ‘cause I miss it a lot!

Until my “game” – that’s what it means in German – returns, here are some random thoughts:

  • My beloved hubby (David – he keeps telling me that I do not mention his name, so here it is again: DAVID) now regularly reads my blog. Some might think that’s a good thing: he can get some precious insight into his oft times coo-coo wife’s life. Others might twinge at the thought, as they would think you now must consider your other half’s thoughts and emotions. I'm sitting on the fence: I love the fact that he takes interest in my little project and outlet of divulgence; on the other hand sometimes I find second-guessing myself about things I'm about to write: what will he think about it?
  •  Yesterday he said the sweetest thing: he read my entry about the letter to Thin Me, and he declared that I was never a fatty in the “real sense”. However, he added, just before I started my pre-op diet he saw me completely losing the grip on my eating (yeah, I was the textbook case of pre-WLS over eating, as I was worried there are going to be things I will never able to eat again...) and I started showing signs of – ok, listen to this: - “fat woman ass”. Apparently that happens when you grow a ledge on the top of your buttocks: that’s what it is. But, but, but: losing just over 40lbs so far has already got rid of the FWA problem. Good to know.
  • After a terrible case of overindulgence and not counting my calories (who can account for odd bits of cheesecake and cottage cheese dumplings... following a good wine and two shots of palinka? – brownie points to whoever knows what that is J) I have decided to try the 5 Day Pouch Test from Kaye Bailey. It basically replicates your post-surgery eating stages in 5 days, taking you back to basics and reminding you why it is important that you follow certain rules (and giving a break to your overstretched pouch). I'm on the second day, which is still liquids and this afternoon I found myself mightily missing some crunch – so I took a small pot of 0% greek yogurt and stirred in a tablespoon of oat granola. Tomorrow it’s soft proteins, so I can have eggs, tuna and all kind of softy protein based creations (I'm really looking forward to my evening tuna and parmesan patties...). I believe I will adopt this 5 day blitz approach whenever I catch myself falling off the wagon or committing some overindulgence. It’s a good thing this happened a month before Christmas, as I expect that will be hard time when it comes to sticking to my strict eating ways. So it’s good to know I can steer myself back gently with this 5DTP approach.
  •  On another positive note: yesterday I ran 6.5 km – in 50 minutes. And I did not die on the spot. I’m planning to increase my distance slowly but surely up to 10k before I think about starting my half marathon training. Because I'm planning to run the Budapest Nike Half Marathon in next September.

Now, that’s a good statement to end this post!

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Christine said...

I'm just checking in to say hello and that I hope you are having a good day! HUGS!