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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Week of Public Accountability – Day 1

My food:
Breakfast (121 kcal) – 9am – Chai latte with coconut milk (I’m not a breakfast person; also trying to cut out caffeine and dairy)
Lunch (196 kcal) – 1pm – grilled chicken pieces, mini Babybell, 10g Hint of Chilli mayonnaise
PM Snack (123 kcal) – 4pm – Total0% with blueberries
Dinner (161 kcal) – 8.30pm – 1 egg omelette with smoked salmon, spring onion and grated Red Leicester (matchbox is to give you a sense of portion size)
After dinner snack (162 kcal) – 9.45pm – Chai latte with semi-skimmed milk

Total food intake: 763 kcal

My numbers:
Total calorie burned: 2764 kcal
Number of steps taken: 12884
Activity: 45 min Zumba (475 kcal – included in burned)

A couple of things you need to know, before while formulating your opinion:
  • I have a BodyBug (BodyMedia device) which keeps track of all my movements and all the calories my body burns in a day. That's how I know so much...
  • I cannot do much fruit – it makes me very bloated. I try to have them occasionally and I keep buying them every week... But I hardly eat them.
  • I'm really struggling with my water intake. I drink Crystal Lights and fruit teas most of the time, but I cannot say a reach the 2l (64 oz) limit every day. Some days I do.

I must tell you, this accountability thing is working for me: throughout the day when I was making all kinds of choices my second thought always was “this is going public, I really need to do my best...”.
So I did not have toast with my dinner, I did not skip exercising and were overall sensible with my choices.

Thanks for everyone who offered to keep an eye on me – on and off line.

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