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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Week of Public Accountability - Results

Ok, so a bit late – but better than never – I will make good on my accountability promise.

Here are all the figures – without the pics – for last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The short of it is that I lost 4.4 lbs last week. That is my best weekly loss.
This is another point in case that accountability does work – and the more public you are about your particular topic, the more you will stick to guidelines. At least that’s what happened to me.

I have considered doing this permanently, but I’m afraid this blog would turn into a really boring list of calories in – calories out... and because no-one would read it, the idea of public accountability would be lost. So I will just stick to my strict monitoring regimen and will imagine that all of you are still keeping an eye on what I put in my mouth – no white (or red, or brown and chocolaty...) lies about it!

My numbers - Friday:
Total food intake: 1103 kcal (steak night... khmm...)
Total calorie burned: 3291 kcal
Number of steps taken: 18755
Activity: 5K run

My numbers - Saturday:
Total food intake: 915 kcal
Total calorie burned: 2560 kcal
Number of steps taken: 9359
Activity: nothing what so ever... aka: rest day

My numbers - Sunday:
Total food intake: 1122 kcal (I know, I crap with food over the weekends... I must do better than this in the future.)
Total calorie burned: 2828 kcal
Number of steps taken: 10644 (and that includes 3k run... what a couch potato I can turn into!)
Activity: 3K run

Weight on Monday, 7th November: 197.6lbs
Weight on Monday, 14th November: 193.2lbs
Total lost: 4.4lbs – round of applause please!

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trisha said...

4.4 lbs in a week is AMAZING!!!!!

I need to go back and keep reading your past blog entries - you're already running 5ks!?? You're my hero! lol